Oval Definition:oval:org.mitre.oval:def:11967
Revision Date:2015-08-10Version:12
Title:PICT Image Converter Integer Overflow Vulnerability
Description:Integer overflow in the PICT image converter in the graphics filters in Microsoft Office XP SP3, Office 2003 SP3, and Office Converter Pack allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted PICT image in an Office document, aka "PICT Image Converter Integer Overflow Vulnerability."
Platform(s):Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows XP
Product(s):Microsoft Office 2002
Microsoft Office 2003
Microsoft Office Converter Pack
Definition Synopsis
  • Office XP, Office 2003 or Office File Converter Pack
  • Microsoft Office XP is installed
  • OR Microsoft Office 2003 is installed
  • OR Microsoft Office Converter Pack is installed
  • AND the version of Gifimp32.flt is less than 2003.1100.8327.0
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