Vulnerability Name:

CVE-2013-1743 (CCN-88128)

Summary:Multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in report.cgi in Bugzilla 4.1.x and 4.2.x before 4.2.7 and 4.3.x and 4.4.x before 4.4.1 allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via a field value that is not properly handled during construction of a tabular report, as demonstrated by the (1) summary or (2) real name field.
Note: this issue exists because of an incomplete fix for CVE-2012-4189.
CVSS v3 Severity:5.3 Medium (CCN CVSS v3.1 Vector: CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:N/I:L/A:N)
Exploitability Metrics:Attack Vector (AV): Network
Attack Complexity (AC): Low
Privileges Required (PR): None
User Interaction (UI): None
Scope:Scope (S): Unchanged
Impact Metrics:Confidentiality (C): None
Integrity (I): Low
Availibility (A): None
CVSS v2 Severity:4.3 Medium (CVSS v2 Vector: AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:N/I:P/A:N)
3.7 Low (Temporal CVSS v2 Vector: AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:N/I:P/A:N/E:H/RL:OF/RC:C)
Exploitability Metrics:Access Vector (AV): Network
Access Complexity (AC): Medium
Authentication (Au): None
Impact Metrics:Confidentiality (C): None
Integrity (I): Partial
Availibility (A): None
4.3 Medium (CCN CVSS v2 Vector: AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:N/I:P/A:N)
3.7 Low (CCN Temporal CVSS v2 Vector: AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:N/I:P/A:N/E:H/RL:OF/RC:C)
Exploitability Metrics:Access Vector (AV): Network
Access Complexity (AC): Medium
Athentication (Au): None
Impact Metrics:Confidentiality (C): None
Integrity (I): Partial
Availibility (A): None
Vulnerability Type:CWE-79
Vulnerability Consequences:Cross-Site Scripting
References:Source: CCN
Type: BugTraq Mailing List, Thu Oct 17 2013 - 06:17:00 CDT
Security Advisory for Bugzilla 4.4.1, 4.2.7 and 4.0.11

Source: MITRE
Type: CNA

Source: CCN
Type: SA55311
Bugzilla Multiple Cross-Site Scripting and Request Forgery Vulnerabilities

Source: CCN
Type: Bugzilla Web site
Home :: Bugzilla ::

Type: Vendor Advisory

Source: CCN
Type: OSVDB ID: 98682
Bugzilla Tabular Reports Unspecified XSS

Source: CCN
Type: BID-63205
Bugzilla CVE-2013-1743 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Type: Vendor Advisory

Source: XF

Vulnerable Configuration:Configuration 1:
  • cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.1:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.1.1:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.1.2:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.1.3:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

  • Configuration 2:
  • cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.3:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.3.1:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.3.2:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.3.3:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

  • Configuration 3:
  • cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.2:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.2:rc1:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.2:rc2:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.2.1:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.2.2:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.2.3:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.2.4:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.2.5:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

  • Configuration 4:
  • cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.4:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.4:rc1:*:*:*:*:*:*
  • OR cpe:/a:mozilla:bugzilla:4.4:rc2:*:*:*:*:*:*

  • * Denotes that component is vulnerable
    mozilla bugzilla 4.1
    mozilla bugzilla 4.1.1
    mozilla bugzilla 4.1.2
    mozilla bugzilla 4.1.3
    mozilla bugzilla 4.3
    mozilla bugzilla 4.3.1
    mozilla bugzilla 4.3.2
    mozilla bugzilla 4.3.3
    mozilla bugzilla 4.2
    mozilla bugzilla 4.2 rc1
    mozilla bugzilla 4.2 rc2
    mozilla bugzilla 4.2.1
    mozilla bugzilla 4.2.2
    mozilla bugzilla 4.2.3
    mozilla bugzilla 4.2.4
    mozilla bugzilla 4.2.5
    mozilla bugzilla 4.4
    mozilla bugzilla 4.4 rc1
    mozilla bugzilla 4.4 rc2